On being grumpy…


This. Week.

This week.


What in the world?!!!

It was pretty intense . I’m not quite sure if it was Daylight Savings or what, but holy camoley….#themccartymess was on STEROIDS.

And I was so grumpy about it.  I was frustrated with my kids. Short with my kids. So impatient with my kids. Each day felt like the longest of days. I even worked out 3 mornings this week and was STILL in a funk. That’s tough to do people, but I managed it.

I even thought my head might spin right off my neck, so we also took off school on Wednesday to revamp…pick up the house, clean rooms, fold a million loads of clothes before piling more on the couch, make a trip to the library, drink apple cider (with Thieves, because none of us are feeling 100%), have extra outside time and play time…we just needed to revamp.  I thought for sure come Thursday we’d all be better. Buuuuuut nope. Just nope. It was like we just jumped back to Monday. I felt like I couldn’t win.

I couldn’t physically or mentally juggle all the things. Those daily chores just feel unmanageable when I’m with my treacherous precious kids all day….schooling of course, but mostly the heart training and character building. I mean…the lying, the arguing, the sibling fighting, the whining, the crying, the fit-throwing, the back-talking, the peeing where we’re not supposed to pee…

One of my friends sent me a text yesterday to just check in and see how I was doing, and this is what I sent back to her:

Do I look ok?

I was hunkered down on the couch waiting out the yelling and screaming. 

I am positive the kids played off my grumpiness, and evenso, I just had a hard time snapping out of it. 

#paisleyrose has such a tough life I don’t know how she manages. I don’t see any reason for all the tears except that she’s 3. So there doesn’t really need to be a reason.

I’ll also have you know that I ordered a hoodie recently with my birthday dollars. It came in the mail yesterday. 

Ironic, right?

Because I definitely did now show or model kindness to/for my kids this week. That’ll slap you in the face. 


And as usual it helps to look back at recent pictures when I feel a mess. Last weekend, we had the privilege of hosting some international students for the day. These 2 girls are from Mexico and had never seen snow, so we took them up to find some and did a short hike while we were at it. 

Picture courtesy of Paxton 😂

And here are our sweet boys that are getting too big…

And this kid who refused pictures

So I used my ninja skills

And I sure do love my outdoorsy hubs…

Kinsley spent the afternoon with one of our sweet college friends so she didn’t hike with us. 

But back to this week. Lastnight I was done. I didn’t wanna get out but knew it would be good. I snagged my sidekick, who had begged to go with me if I ran errands, and we got out of the house for a bit. It basically redeemed the week. I mean, who wouldn’t be able to giggle with this kid…


Thanks for the pick-me-up, kid. 

I’d share chips + guac with you any day. 

Cheers, friends. Here’s to a good weekend and a better week ahead! 

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