My Sweet Paxton is 3

My sweet second born kiddo is 3 today, and I want to share a bit of him with all of you. This guy is something else. He’s something special. I remember holding him as an itty bitty, all swaddled up…I vividly remember thinking how special this guy is. When I was pregnant with him, I just couldn’t imagine loving another kid like I loved Cason. He was all that I knew. How was I going to handle being a mom of two little men? And would my love be big enough for both of them?

Yes. I didn’t know how, but God gently reminded me of his love for all of us. And I knew I could love him just the same as I did his brother. And oh, how big is my love for this guy!

Here are a few of my faves. These pictures bring back so many sweet memories.

Paxton newborn 2

Cason holding Paxton

18 month old Cason holding his new little brother. Lots and lots of love between these two.

Paxton newborn

I want this guy to grow up knowing how special he is.  I always hear that being a middle child comes with many challenges. Here are a few that I already see….he’s never been without a sibling, he’s not the oldest or the youngest, he’s not the only boy, he’s almost always in one of two places….thrown in with Cason doing big boy things or thrown in with Kinsley doing things he’s not quite big enough to do. He doesn’t often get time or attention to himself. Josh and I have to work extra hard to make sure he gets some one on one time with each of us. It’s so important to me that each of our kiddos has one on one time with both Josh and me. So, I see how this could be frustrating for him. If not now, then in the future.

One of the things he has going for him, though, is that he has his own birthday. (Actually, if we’re getting detailed he shares a birthday with his grandma..Happy Birthday, Janice!). But Cason and Kinsley share a birthday (April 24, exactly 3 years apart), so at least the ole Paxman has his own day and doesn’t have to share it with a sibling 🙂

paxton 1 year

He can turn on the serious face any moment with anyone. I don’t think I got one good smile from him at his 1st birthday party.

This is one of the things this kid does best. EAT. He is my best eater!

This is one of the things this kid does best. EAT. He is my best eater!

Lots of change from ONE to TWO

Lots of change from ONE to TWO

This was at his 2nd birthday party

His party last year was a rockstar/music theme. I tried to spike his hair, but as you can see it just fell back over. But I love his messy hair.

This guys loves all things outside. He loves dirt, grass, sticks, puddles, mud, tools, balls, cars, and trains. He loves wearing his rain boots around the house. I caught this picture of him yesterday.


He’s a thumb sucker at naps and night and I’m pretty sure Mr. Giraffe might be the most important ‘person’ in his life. And I don’t know what happened but the kid has grown.


I could talk about potty training, but we don’t really do that around here til we absolutely have to. No rush. We will get there.

His energy level is something of the sort that I’ve never seen before.  I thought Cason was busy, but Paxton has Cason beat by a million. It’s not often that he stops moving. Ever. He’s got a carefree personality, just a happy go lucky kind of guy. He’s got some crazy big amounts of energy, but he also has some crazy awesome love to give. And his smile. His. Smile. Pure joy.

He was 16 months here. This is one of my all time favorite pictures of his big personality and contagious smile.

He was 16 months here. This is one of my all time favorite pictures of his big personality and contagious smile, with his little teeth popping through.

And here are a few more recents.




He doesn’t like his picture taken these days, but I caught him in a cooperative mood last week. That last picture is the perfect, dimple-filled smile I get to see every day.

And he’s a play mate if I’ve ever seen one. The boys are bath time buddies, play buddies, bedroom buddies, wrestling buddies, racing buddies, show watching buddies…just all-the-way-in-kind-of-buddies.




He and Kinsley play well together, too.



I’ve put the boys to bed more often lately because Josh has been out of town some, and I’ve been taking in all the extra snuggles from the boys I can get. They each get to pick a book before bed, and last night He chose the book I Love it When You Smile, and I thought about how appropriate his choice was as I’ve been thinking about all the things I love about him. I sure do love it when this boy smiles. And his song of choice (since last Christmas) has been Jingle Bells, so that’s what he wanted me to sing  the last two nights. I mean, we sang Jingle Bells all summer long. Silly Pax.


And even when Josh puts the boys to bed, they still want me to come in and tell them goodnight, even If I’ve already told them numerous times. I always go. And I never regret it. I tell Cason goodnight and we give nose kisses (it’s our thing) and sweet Cason always offers me a kiss on the cheek an amazingly sweet 4 year old hug. Then as I walk to Paxton’s bed, I’m welcomed with big open arms every time. He pulls me in close, nuzzling me, squeezing me tighter than his little size portrays, and he doesn’t let go for a good few seconds. Sometimes he even wraps his little legs around me. I just stay in there close until he does the letting go. And he tells me ‘night night’ and ‘luf you’ and I eat it all up. I breathe in his scent. I smell his hair and his skin, and give him one last kiss. These are precious days. Absolutely precious.

I could tell you about the not-as-pretty times. How he argues like a crazy cat. And tells me no. All the time. And says “I’s gon’ do dat” (I was gonna do that) about every little thing….zipping his PJs, turning on the light, starting the show, shutting the door, opening the fridge, and on and on. And maybe I’ll tell you about those things another time. But for today…we’re gonna go get donuts and celebrate 3. He’s worth every sprinkle and more.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, silly, fun-loving, hug-giving, joy-bringing Paxton. I love you so very much, son.

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