Laundry and Water

Hey there.

A couple days ago I read a blog post by a mom-blogger named Lisa-Jo Baker entitled, “For anyone who’s ever felt behind on laundry (a challenge!!!).” Um, yes. This post shot out across my screen. Laundry is this never ending cycle. I mean, if I ever see the bottom of my laundry basket, it’s fantastic for a minute or two, until I remember we’re all going to change clothes before bed….and throw our dirty clothes in that basket. Dangit. And since we were all sick recently, it’s like even more unending (is that a word?) than the normal unending. So I proceeded to read the post…you should, too. She talks about how yes, we all have this never-ending laundry, but it’s not just me and you…it’s all the moms (and/or dads). In the world. (Her parents live and serve in South’s where she grew up). And some people don’t have enough water or clean water in which to wash their clothes. I know this in my head, but it’s always such a humble reminder. I have complained every day in the last week about my laundry.

So I skim the article…she says this: Let’s do virtual laundry together. Let’s build a water point and laundry facility for our sisters and their kids in South Africa.

I put that in the back of my head and thought, “I want do to that.” So last night I talked to Josh about donating. We decided to go for it, so I went back to her site and the next post says, “With thanks, from South Africa.”  The $5000 had already been raised. In 12 hours! Awesome! I know I’m linking up lots of stuff here, but it’s good, good stuff. Worth reading if you have a free bit or maybe while you’re nursing that babe…because don’t we all play games or check facebook or websurf if we’re nursing all night long? Or was that just me after we had Kinsley? 🙂

Back to the water thing. I was excited and bummed at the same time, because I was excited about donating. I asked my (well-researched) hubs about some other sites that would be good and he mentioned these:

Living Water International (organization that strives to bring physical water as well as the living water (Jesus Christ) to people)

Blood:Water Mission (they partner with Africa addressing HIV/AIDS and water crises)

Charity:Water (this one isn’t Christ-based, that I know of, but still a wonderful agency…I always find it fascinating and quite convicting to see people, who may not be Christians…giving, doing, and serving others so passionately)

We ended up donating to the Blood:Water Mission. It wasn’t very much. But I don’t think that matters. I’m not telling or even asking anyone to go and donate. What I might encourage you to do is just look at one of the websites. Learn a little bit. Or maybe read one or both of the posts above, and see Jesus in action through people like you and me. Each organization/website also has a video either at their home page or in their ‘about’ section that are really good. If you want a little education and see some people in action, watch this one by Blood:Water Mission. And here’s one from Charity:Water that I think is great.

So thank you, Lisa-Jo Baker, for bringing back my awareness. For re-opening my eyes. For in-a-nice-kind-of way, putting me in my place. For pushing me to look outward.  And for putting the challenge out there.

Friends, let’s look outward today, whether that’s toward our spouse, our kids, our friends, neighbors, community, or beyond. Be a blessing to others today.

4 thoughts on “Laundry and Water

  1. One of my friend just went through the 4 liter challenge to raise awareness on water conservation. It’s open your perspective by actually doing it!

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